Thursday, May 6, 2010

Square 1

square 1

  • The warmth that causes the earth to warm in Spring, and the seeds to sprout. 
  • The energy that allows plants to make their own food, which in turn allows us to obtain nourishment.
  • Heat for our atmosphere, that causes the winds to blow and the clouds to form and the rain to fall.
  • Comfort-giver to old-bones, dwellers in wintery climates, and cats...


Debbie @ said...

Keeeute! I love how you stitched this! I'm so stuck with cross stitching it never even crosses my mind to color with thread using different stitching techniques! What a great square!

Denise said...

Hey - you are on your way! Looking good! Now only 99 to go. ;)

I really like the way you changed colors in your sun.

Smiles - Denise

Mica said...

sweet sun...very nice stitching done here...Mica/The Sowing Box

Genie Robinson said...

I love your little sun...having been a teacher for eons, I always think bright yellow with spokes coming off of it. This one is precious. Hugs, Genie

Shelly said...

Thanks for all of the compliments ladies!

It's been so long since I embroidered or cross-stitched that I wasn't sure I remembered how to do it! I guess it's like riding a bicycle... ;)

linda said...

Ooo, I totally agree with this blessing, I also LOVE the sun and the warmth. Love how you have multiple colors in it, very cool!