Thursday, May 6, 2010

Square 1

square 1

  • The warmth that causes the earth to warm in Spring, and the seeds to sprout. 
  • The energy that allows plants to make their own food, which in turn allows us to obtain nourishment.
  • Heat for our atmosphere, that causes the winds to blow and the clouds to form and the rain to fall.
  • Comfort-giver to old-bones, dwellers in wintery climates, and cats...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well, I found some Osnaberg for the cloth. I plan on washing it tomorrow. Then to draw on the squares, I thought I would just use the pencil method that Amy described for the 39 Squares project. I think I'll be stitching the outlines as I go, that way some of the squares can creep into each other.

My stash of floss may see some additions before the project is over, but I'm going to try to make do with what I already have for the most part, just to save a bit of my financial resources. :)

I have drawn up a fairly full list of subjects for the squares, but I've not decided on a full forty. I wan to leave some room for inspiration and appreciation as I go...